About Us



Mediflex Industries is an Australian owned company with its head office located in Sydney, New South Wales. The company has been operating under current ownership since 1994.

During this time Mediflex has become firmly established as a manufacturer, importer and distributor of gloves and general medical and industrial consumables to a wide range of industries including, health, aged care, scientific, dental, cleaning and Janitorial, automotive, food preparation and automotive.

As well as our Head Office in Sydney, Mediflex Industries has distribution facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne and distribution arrangements in Perth and Adelaide.

This relationship across the country allows Mediflex Industries to provide consistency through these points of distribution. This ensures customers with national requirements will receive a high standard of service and product with state and local knowledge and know-how.

The Mediflex goal is to provide a high quality product at a fair price to our customers and to ensure that they have the correct product for the job they are doing.

Through our vast range of products we offer alternative solutions to product supply. The management and procurement team regularly attend overseas trade shows and manufacturing facilities to access current information on the World’s best practices and market leading products.

Mediflex Industries has, for 21 years, been a major supplier to the NSW and Federal Government and their agencies, major corporations, small businesses, health and aged care facilities, medical, veterinary, pharmaceutical, schools and educational facilities and hold several NSW and other State Government supply contracts which include gloves.

Mediflex currently contracted to supply gloves and other medical consumables to state health departments in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.