HiCare Bath Wipes, 8 Pack


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Superior Disposable Bathing Wipes

HiCare Bath is the superior disposable waterless bathing solution, providing both patients and caregivers with unmatched benefits. With proven cost savings and superior health outcomes, HiCare Bath is an excellent choice for your facility.

In stark contrast with the thin materials used by some competitor brands, HiCare Bath wipes feature a luxuriously thick needle punched non-woven fabric, and are impregnated with a unique solution which features two emollients to soften and moisturise the skin. With each use of our Bath products, the patient’s skin is simultaneously cleaned and nourished, without leaving any sensation of residue. Unless directed, there is no need to apply a moisturiser to the skin after using HiCare Bath.

HiCare Bath was specifically developed for high dependency applications, including consideration for the needs of the long-term bed bound in both hospital and aged care facilities who may have less than optimal skin integrity. Where soap and water bathing can deplete the lipids from a patient’s skin and put them at risk of dry skin damage and pressure ulcers, HiCare Bath’s formulation features skin nurturing ingredients to enhance the skin’s integrity.

A clinical trial found the use of HiCare Health’s bed bathing protocols can help to:

  • Diminish skin cracking
  • Reduce skin dryness
  • Heal broken areas
  • Reduce reddened skin
  • Reduce skin excoriations
  • Reduce skin tears

The unique and superior formulation also features minimal chemical preservatives, is alcohol, latex, and soap-free, and does not promote microbial growth. These unique properties make our disposable bathing system one of the most hygienic and efficient available.

HiCare Bath 4's are ideal for use as a partial bath, or for post-operative washing.

HiCare Bath 8's are for use when a full bofy wash is required.

This product should not be used for wound cleansing.

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